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EP 3
EP 2
With Drew Bycoskie
In this introductory podcast episode, I will explore the important topic of how to cultivate your passion and begin the journey to create your ideal life.  I will share with you how a near death experience forced me to step outside my comfort zone and begin the process to live a more fulfilled life. On today's show, I will set the foundation for a fundamental understanding of the process that will truly enrich your life.  
With Robert Lawrence
In today’s episode, Drew talks with commercial airline pilot Robert Lawrence who made the decision to pursue his passion and become a commercial airline pilot at age 49. Despite challenges and set-backs in his early life, Robert was able to visualize his dream and embark up a journey to create his ideal life.  Robert will share his brave and insightful story on how he was able to self-motivate and educate himself to become a more fulfilled and happier person.​ 
With Drew Bycoskie
Today, Drew will talk about the subject of “change” and “how to get unstuck”.  Both of these topics are interrelated in the sense that “how to get unstuck” is really your inability to embrace change.  Drew will share 5 tips that he uses in life that will help you to get unstuck when you find yourself being trapped in the Hamster Wheel of Life.
With Brigette ReDavid

Brigette ReDavid is an award winning screenplay and television writer and playwright journalist who will share her passion for the Arts and Theatre. In this candid interview with Drew, Brigette discusses her new epic film, The Molly Film which is based off the amazing true story of a woman who follows her husband into the revolutionary war.  When he’s killed, Molly is set home but returns to fight dressed as a boy.

With Drew Bycoskie
The fastest way for you to change your life immediately and to find your greatness is to simply change your attitude.
In today’s episode, Drew will discuss how to improve your attitude by looking at the importance of instilling a sense of gratitude and appreciation into your life by focusing in on the abundances and offerings that life provides you. 
With Darryl Berger
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Author and inspirational speaker,  J. Drew Bycoskie has dedicated his life to inspiring individuals and organizations to seek and pursue an enriched life of passion and purpose. His experiences playing on two National Championship football teams and working with two Fortune 100 Companies has fueled his passion to inspire others. Listen to Drew's motivational speech below.

Drew Bycoskie is a widely acclaimed published author and pioneering life style business entrepreneur that focuses in on the importance of cultivating passion and energy into all aspects of life.  As a player on two National Championship football teams at Penn State and 30 years of professional experience working with two Fortune 100 companies, Drew has created this inspirational PODCAST that will challenge your perspectives and inspire the way you live both personally and professionally.

Being able to identify and unleash new passions and dreams in life combined with nurturing existing ones with be discussed and explored in this entertaining production.   Relax, take a deep breath and enjoy this journey.

EP 6: Resiliency in Life
With Dave Rippy
Dave Rippy was on the fast track to fulfilling one of his life-long ambitions as he landing a job with a fortune 50 company. Following several weeks working at his new job and only 25 years old, Dave experienced a debilitating setback.  A car accident that caused a life-altering paralysis. 
In today’s show, we are all going to learn that no matter what we are faced with, no matter what obstacles that are in the way, we can persevere and move past our challenges in life and create our ideal life.
EP 7: Priorities in Life
With Drew Bycoskie
In today’s Podcast, Drew B. will discuss the importance of having priorities in life and how your actions will dedicate what your priorities are.  A priority without action is simply not a priority.  Additionally, Drew will explore how you can transition your priorities into passions with the expectation and objective of creating an ideal life for yourself.
EP 8: Penn State and Pitt Rivalry
With Bill Contz and Pete Speros
Today’s PODCAST explores the passionate football rivalry between Penn State and Pitt.  Drew talks with former NFL great Bill Contz and former Penn State football captain Pete Speros on this intense interstate football rivalry and why it is such an unbelievable football tradition. 
This podcast is dedicated to our friend and former teammate Steve Smith who has been fighting ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease.  We love you Steve and we thank you for being such an inspiration to us all.
EP 9: From Player to Coach
With Charlene Morett-Curtiss
In this very candid interview, Drew talks with Char on her success at Penn State as both a player and the head coach of the women’s field hockey team with over 500 career wins.  As a six time Big Ten Coach of the year, two-time Olympian playing in 100 plus international matches and a 3 time 1st Team All American, Char discusses her successful transition from a player to a coach and her passionate commitment to athletics, her players and her dedication to giving back.
EP 10: Changing Your Attitude
With Drew Bycoskie
The fastest way for you to change your life immediately and to pursue your greatness is to simply change your attitude.  Today’s motivational Podcast will inspire you to change your attitude and embrace an element of gratitude into your life.
EP 11: Creating the Ideal Life
With Shane Conlan & Trey Bauer

Drew talks with some of the greatness tandem linebackers to ever play the game of football with former NFL linebacker Shane Conlan and former Penn State linebacker Trey Bauer.  Trey and Shane reflect back on their time at Penn State as friends and teammates as they discuss the great success that they both had.


Playing during inarguably the greatest era of Penn State football, Trey and Shane discuss how their passion for playing the game of football has helped them to create their ideal life.

EP 12: Personal Sacrifice
With Harry Kehs & Connor Dietz
​The United States of America is the greatest place in the world to live based on the opportunities and the freedom we all have.  Thanks to the strongest military in the world, the Citizens of the United States benefit from the men and women whom serve in the military and the sacrifices that they have made.  To help create a competitive spirit in the military, the Commander in Chief trophy was created and has been awarded to each season’s winner of the American college football triangular series among the teams of the U.S. Military Academy, the U.S. Naval Academy and the US Air Force Academy.